PCs Made Simple provide a wide range of computer services including desktop, laptop and mac repairs, custom built PCs, support plans, software and award-winning customer support for home users, businesses and gamers.

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PCs Made Simple for Home Users

When experiencing problems with your PC or Laptop, you’ll want a company that you can trust to sort it quickly and for a fair price. So don’t struggle any longer, bring it in to our shop today for a free diagnosis! As we often tell people ‘We never charge to look!’.

Our knowledgeable team will always talk to you in plain English and we’ll always be upfront and clear about the cost of our services.

If it’s a new computer you’re after, we design and build our own desktops right here in the shop. We’ll ensure that it perfectly matches your needs whilst being built out of the most trusted and reliable parts at a terrifically competitive price. Find out more about our @Home PCs. We have a range of refurbished PCs and Laptops in stock and on display.

We also offer two support packages, there’s our basic remote support plan Simple Support which means we can help you remotely when you need it; and our Total Protection Plan that also includes; managed anti-virus, Windows update management, 100’s of daily security, performance and hardware checks. Topped off with our amazing Simple TuneUp (Annual Servicing) once a year included. We also include unlimited remote, phone and email support.tune ups.

Can’t make it to the shop or simply need a home visit? We can come to your home to provide support, diagnostics and repairs where possible. We cover most of south Dorset and West parts of Hampshire.

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PCs Made Simple for Businesses

Are I.T. issues taking over the running of your business? Always putting out fires instead of having your I.T work for you? We can help you and your staff run productively and profitably through a wide range of products, services and award-winning support.

Business Computers
Custom built for your needs with a huge 3 year warranty as standard. Power workstations/CAD Desktops/HighEnd and good old work horses!

Powerful Laptops
HP Laptops, notebooks and mobile. TerraPC laptops and mobile devices with a massive 2 year warranty, upgradable to 5 years!

Intel® NUCs and TerraPC Micro
A whole computer that’s just 4 inches square. Powerful and built to order.

HPE and TerraPC servers, sourced, configured, deployed and supported.

Infrastructure & Connectivity
Upgrades to your cabling, ports, switches and routers. Complete network replacment. Wifi deployment and security.

Business Support
Allow us be responsible for keeping your I.T running smooth.

Equipment Leasing from Grenke
Leasing is a great way to leave cash in your bank and not hurt your cash flow whislt making sure your business gets the equipment it needs.

Office 365 Business
Supplied, installed, migrated and managed for you.


Here are some of the things we have achieved during our last 10 years as your favourite I.T. shop!

We are now one of the many reputable traders who have successfully passed the rigorous Which? assessment process.



We are authorized to resell Windows®, Office 365™ and other Microsoft® products. We are also able to supply software to qualified educational users such as schools, colleges and universities with superb discounts.


2010: Most Loved Business in Town

2011: Much Loved Business in Town

2012: Most Loved Business in Town

2013: One of the Best Businesses in Poole

2014: One of the Best Businesses in Poole

2015: One of the Best Businesses in Poole



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