As of today, all the memory use in our computers runs at 1866Mhz as standard, an awesome increase over the slower 1333Mhz we used to use. This is gaming grade ram which is about 71% faster, simply put, it makes every day tasks on your computer around 10-20% faster.


Eighteen sixty-what?

Sorry if we lost you there! 1866Mhz is the speed of the memory, this basically means how quickly your computer can write information and instructions to it. The faster it gets in there, the sooner your processor can start to use it and the sooner you see results.

On your hard drive you have all of your programs, pictures, documents and what not stored in folders. When you go to open one of these, the first thing that happens is that it is copied from your hard drive to the memory. The processor, the part of the computer that does all of the calculations, then accesses the memory to do what it needs to do and either loads the program or opens the file. So, as you can see the faster it can do this- the faster the whole process becomes.

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