Constrained by space? Looking to buy a small PC but the ones on offer are still too large, talking up too much space on your desk? We have the answer!

Designed and manufactured by Intel (the people who make processors), the NUC is a the equivalent of a full form factor PC condensed down to 4 inches squared.


With 6 USB’s, Gigabit LAN, thunderbolt and HDMI connectors, these things are so versatile you can put them practically anywhere. They even have VESA compatible mounting holes so you can attach them to the back of your monitor, completely out of sight.

They come in 3 main variations, with a latest generation i3 processor, an i5, and a slightly taller one with extra space to fit more storage. All variants can have up to 16GB of ram and as much solid state storage as you need.

And, they start at only £545! We love these things, so come in and have a chat with one of the team.


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