The festivities are over and the annual tradition of “January Sales” is upon us. But there are a few things you should know before getting yourself a bargain PC.

There are a number of popular large retailers (the “big boys” as we like to call them!) that will soon be announcing their sales and offers on new laptops and PCs, but unfortunately we really do suggest you steer clear! The computers might be available for fantastic prices but they’re still making a profit on them and there are a number of rather shady things that are going on to make it possible.

The first thing you should be aware of is that these are not new at all. We expect them to have sat in a warehouse for a minimum of 6 months before you get your hands on it, which is bad for a number of reasons that we’ll get to later. Obviously, they have to prepare for the numbers of sales they are expecting for the period and so they will start manufacturing select models at an increased speed with lower quality control tolerances and more cut corners to lower the cost months in advance. For an example of these dodgy cost cutting tactics, we’ve seen all-in-ones with a USB port and small Bluetooth adapter plugged into it hidden away inside to save money! It’s not just going to be small things like that example either, every component that they put in the PC will be sourced as cheaply as possible and will not always be of the best quality or from the best manufacturer.

We mentioned earlier that it was a bad thing to leave a computer alone in a warehouse and there are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, it just sounds heartbreaking to us! The second, is the Hard Drive, one of the only mechanical parts left in a modern computer. If you’re not too savvy, this is the component that stores all of your data and your operating system, they come in sizes like 500GB and 1TB. Inside one of these is a spinning metal disk, this has a lubricated bearing to allow it to rotate at up to 7200rpm with little friction. There is also a thin layer of lubricant across the entire surface of the disk to allow the read-write head to glide across. One of the biggest causes of failure is the deterioration of these lubricants causing the motor to overwork and eventually burn out. Now, one of the biggest causes of lubricant deterioration is humidity, temperature shock and vibration, at least two of which will be found in great abundance in a warehouse!

The rest of the components in there will usually be more than happy to sit on a shelf for several months as they are solid state (just circuitry with no moving parts), but that’s exactly what they are now, several month old components. A very long time in the world of IT.

This is why our @Home PC and our Custom @Home‘s are built to order out of the latest, most reliable, trusted and preferred components available. Which is why we’re more than happy to guarantee them for three years and will expect them to last at least seven.


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