Well, nearly 7 months and over 5000 revisions across 77 pages later, our new site is ready!


And when I say “ready” what I actually means is “about half ready”, we’ve still got many amendments to existing content to make and the unveiling or our ‘for Gamers’ sections to go. But for now at least, I’m quite pleased.

The new site hopefully goes leaps and bounds above what we had before, not that what we had was bad, it was just a maze. Pages and posts had built up and the website became confusing for our customers. Hopefully this has all been addressed in the new updates which I hope everyone will be able to easily navigate and get to what they want quickly.

We’ve also switched to dedicated hosting which means the site should be much faster that it was previously!

If you have any feedback, suggestions or bug reports please send them to alfie@simple-pcs.co.uk.


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