PCs Made Simple has been providing professional well thought-out services to businesses of all sizes for the last 5 years. No matter what problem you’re facing, what feature your I.T. is lacking or whatever it is you wish to achieve in your office, our expert team are excellent at providing solutions to help you increase productivity, boost performance, simplify everyday tasks for both you and your employees, and support you with award-winning customer support for those everyday problems.

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You may not realize it but your I.T. is a very potential bottleneck. Slow PCs, poor network design and sometimes shady money and time saving efforts can leave you with staff who collectively spend days of a year waiting for their computers. Upgrades can sometimes be an expensive endeavor but almost always pay for themselves in the increased work your employees will be able to do.


3 out of every 5 cyber-attacks in 2015 targeted a small to midsize company, often in an attempt to gain access to their intellectual property, customer data or to extort them by using ransomware. The fallout from these attacks can be extremely expensive and in some cases has forced business to close. We can help to both protect and educate to avoid these preventable attacks.


Our team can install, configure and maintain internal and external networks to perfectly suit your businesses needs. If your staff have lots of files to work with, transferring them between each other and making changes can be a pain with an inadequate system. We can implement a number of network features to transmit data around your company securely, easily and quickly!


We’ve had much experience installing a wide variety of hardware for businesses… From our legendary 4Biz workstations to networking equipment, we can set it all up and ensure it is working perfectly for all of your staff. We’ll also ensure that any time we spend on your premises doesn’t interfere with your employees, however our obstruction will entirely depend on the job.


A vital step before we provide any reliable recommendations or quotations is to take a full system audit. During this one of our team will come round and take a full plan of your I.T. including all hardware, software and infrastructure. If we were to attempt to provide solutions and recommendations without this the chances of causing more problems than we are fixing is simply too high.


We’ve been a Microsoft partner since almost the beginning. This means we are fully authorized and endorsed to redistribute and manage their software. From Windows® operating systems to Office 365™, all Microsoft products and services can be provided and configured for you by our professional team. We can also offer long term support and management for Office 365.

Here we’ve collated a few of the most popular of our business oriented services. And remember, these are then only services we offer, so if you can’t see what you’re looking here then please just send us a message and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.


Before we can bring your I.T. to the peak of its performance to help you regain wasted time it’s best we understand where, what and why! That’s why one of the first things we will do with a new business is an initial consultation where one of the team will come out and discuss what’s going wrong and how you want your I.T. to work for you, the first hour of which is totally free.

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Responsive, reliable and trusted hardware should be at the heart of every business. Faster PCs not only increase the experience of your staff but also allow them to get far more done in the same amount of time. Click the button bellow to find out what we can upgrade and how we can give your IT and offices the performance and productivity boost your employees both want and need.

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A productive business is one that’s built on a solid foundation of well maintained, mid to high range workstations. We recommend that every computer has a service at least once every 12 months to help combat and reduce the build up of useless junk, low level infections and other minor issues that could easily cause a much larger (and potentially expensive!) problem in the future if left ignored.

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PCs Made Simple can supply and manage a number of different backup solutions. The right one for your business will depend on a number of things such as your existing network configuration, the type of data you store and whether or not you have centralized server storage. We also have a sister company, Simply Backup that currently offers an unlimited cloud storage option.

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Through our sister company, Simply Broadband Ltd we can offer a number of different connectivity options. From business ADSL, high-speed fibre optics or bonded ADSL for maximum reliability. Get in touch with them today to see what services are available in your businesses postcode. They also currently offer an unlimited backup solution for Home and Business, Simply Backup.

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An ideal solution for businesses who need major upgrades but can’t afford the whole cost up front, instead we can lease the equipment (monthly direct debit) with the option to purchase it at the end for a greatly reduced cost. Leasing can start from £500 worth of equipment and go all the way up to £100,000. Also available on software and labour as part of a larger project.

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PCs Made Simple can offer a number of hardware solutions. From our stunning 4Biz Workstations to our Custom 4Biz PCs for hardcore software and applications. We can also supply, manage and support Servers for your business as well as the latest Intel® NUCs, an entire computer but in a form factor that’s smaller than a DVD.



Our 4Biz PCs are built right here in the shop from the ground up using only our favorite component manufacturers with parts that we trust. We also always use only the latest parts in our computers so no matter when you purchase it you will always be getting a current-gen, up-to-date workstation with an expected life of around 6 to 7 years, which is backed up by a 5 year warranty.

We can also completely set the computer up for you, adding any user accounts, configuring emails and installing Microsoft® Office can be done in the shop so it’s completely ready to go.

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The 4Biz’s spec is not inadequate in any way, however for some applications you will need something a little bit different. Jobs that use Adobe® Creative Cloud® or 3D CAD software, for example, will work your graphics card far more than day to day business tasks. If this is the case we can provide you/your business with a quote for a PC with a more powerful graphics processor inside.

PCs Made Simple can design and build computers for essentially any purpose or requirement and to any specification. Get in touch with our team today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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We can provide you with a hand-selected server that is guaranteed to be everything your business will require, now and in the future.
We can also set it up and manage it for you for a small fee.

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The NUC is a fairly recent innovation from Intel. It essentially comprises all the components and power of a full tower desktop PC in a form factor that’s just the size of a DVD. Available with latest-gen Intel CPUs.

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As a Microsoft® Partner, we are able to supply, install and configure Office 365™, Windows® and Windows® Server for businesses, charities and schools of all sizes. We are also long-time re-sellers of the award winning anti-virus Emsisoft Anti-Malware and can offer an online cloud backup solution courtesy of our sister company SimplyBackup.


Includes fully installable Office apps plus many extras.

From £3.10 per user.

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Pro editions with exclusive features

Starting from just £99.

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An anti-virus application is essential for ensuring that your devices remain safe and secure whilst on the internet.

We can help your business secure all of it’s devices, from PCs & Macs to Phones & Tablets.

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Truly unlimited online backup for every one of your files.
Just £39.95 a year.

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Virtualisation is one of the newest techniques available and it’s changing the way we do business, for the better!

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