From fully or partly contracted SLAs to Ad-Hoc support when you need it, our team is never more than a phone call away.

Having the pressure of your I.T. worries removed will be a weight off your mind, leaving you to get on with what you started your business to do. Support can include desktop help for employees, patch (update) management, professional anti-virus and remote workstation monitoring & maintenance. We can also manage and support your server if you have one. Read on to find out more about what we can offer as part of a tailored support package and how simple we can make your I.T.


Our expert and knowledgeable team can be on hand whenever you or your staff need assistance within our usual opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5:30pm. There are a few different ways we can provide support:

Our team will be available during our usual opening hours on 01202 830121. If you find yourself having difficulty with your IT and your business is on an applicable business support contract, feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to fix the problem remotely or to point you in the right direction.

Our sophisticated remote support software allows us to take control of any configured computer when needed so we can assist your staff with whatever problem they are having. If the issue is with the PC itself we can attempt to fix issues remotely, however sometimes this simply isn’t possible and in some cases a site visit may be required or we will ask for the PC to be dropped off to our shop. The cost of this will either be included in your contract or you will receive a discount on our usual rates.

We can also respond to queries sent to Just start the email with who you are and which business you work for and (assuming you’re on an applicable business support contract with us!) we will endeavor to assist you as soon as possible. Generally one of the team will be available to reply to you within a few hours if sent during our usual opening times. If the issue is urgent, please call us so we can help in rectifying it as soon as possible.


We often include Emsisoft’s award-winning Anti-Malware in our business support contracts because it truly is the best.

The program includes real time protection, a dual engine scanner (viruses and malware), surf protection, file guard, and PUP detection which gets rid of things like those pesky toolbars! Despite all of these features, it is still an incredibly easy to use and, as of a recent update, is one of the fastest, most efficient scanners available. You can read more about Emsisoft on our domestic site, here, or on their own site, here. With a support contract, licenses for the software can be provided for all workstations and can be renewed remotely.


We recommend a PC should be serviced at least once a year to identify and fix any problems that may have arisen.

This is a very similar service to our Tune Ups (for domestic customers only), during it we will check for a number of things such as the health of the hard drive, voltage levels and low level infection presence as well as fixing a number of issues such as cutting down start up items, removing temporary & cached files and resolving minor registry errors. This is very important for older PCs and can often rejuvenate them enough to be usable for many more months. Talk to one of the team or read more about this service on our Annual Servicing page.

Extra features of our Business Support:

Logical Incident Priority and Response Times

All incidents reported by you or your staff are filtered into a tiered support system, this allows us to get straight on with system critical issues and delay simpler, less important issues to a later time.

Network and Infrastructure Support

When (or even before) your business is supported by our team, we will fully evaluate your current systems, pointing out any issues we find and recommending improvements where they are needed.

Disaster Recovery (optional)

We can also offer a complete disaster recovery service. No matter what the issue is and at what time of day it occurred, we can optionally have a plan in place to recover your network as quickly as possible.

unlimited Devices and Staff

All of our systems are fully expandable, whether you have 500 employees, or 5. We can monitor and maintain your workstations, provide support and implement infrastructure upgrades and fixes.


You may have an idea or be in need of an “overhaul” of a certain area of your IT. If so, our team can discuss the pros and cons, provide estimates, and give advice on anything you’d like to achieve.


Finally, as a supported business you’ll receive either a discount on our standard business labour rate (£50+VATp/h) or a discounted price on a specified number of hours on-site work per month.