We all rely on computers and unfortunately, they all go wrong. And when one breaks, whichever position in your business is left unable to do their job, you’ll see a drop in productivity for however many days it takes to fix.

Our solution is a simple one, we monitor your systems and spot any failing components before they actually do, meaning we can take precautionary measures to resolve the issue with minimal down time and maximum efficiency. We can also automatically clear temporary files and other junk that builds up and of course, remotely access a computer whenever one of your staff has a problem to help fix it.

In addition to that we can also automatically keep everything up to date, patch all of the new security exploits that are discovered which can be used to infect your computers, give you hassle free anti-virus with no need to manually update and even custom web filters to stop your workers looking at naughty things and more advanced features like blocking social networks when they’re not on a break.

Whether you’re a small business with a few people or a large one with hundreds, our systems are completely expandable to meet your needs. Once you’ve signed up and we’ve set all your computers up, you can quite literally forget about them.


We get a complete overview of all the devices in your network so we can tell exactly what’s going on and where. We can see everything that happens from virus scans to automatic backups to make sure they’re running properly and without fault. We also get to automatically any errors that occur. PC suddenly crashed? Give us a call and the chances are we already we can find out exactly what the problem is in under a minute, allowing us to get it back up and running much faster than if you were to have to bring the computer to us and let us diagnose it. Stopping small time problems before they become expensive disasters.

This allows us to gather all sorts of reports from your computers, letting us check that updates have succeeded, scheduled backups have worked, checks to see if the system has been compromised, storage space available, how much bandwidth the PC is using, check for critical events like the PC crashing, see if it needs to reboot and most importantly check the performance of the various components inside you PC. This allows us to determine how well each part is working, meaning we can advise you when something is likely to fail and together, we can take steps to fix the issue quickly, without surprise and with minimal downtime.


We can automatically and silently schedule any number of tasks on your computers from automatic restarts and disk defrags to the removal of temporary files and automatically updating your anti-virus to keep you secure. We can also script custom tasks should you need our system to perform more complicated routines such as backing up the device or any other repetitive jobs. This is a really useful because it means you and your staff can spend less time at each PC performing dull and time consuming tasks.


Of course the biggest feature of our support is remote access. With this we can remotely take control of your PC whenever you, or one of your staff, needs us to. If you stumble into any problems and you need some help just get in touch anytime during the week, Monday to Saturday, 09:30 until 17:30. We can help you on the phone, where we can talk you through the issue and try to help you as best as we can there and then, and if not, we can remotely access the PC or laptop and have a go ourselves.


Expanding on automated maintenance, this allows us to update a whole suite of different programs for you and automatically schedule their installation silently, you or your staff won’t even notice it’s happening. Keeping everything up to date is invaluable in ensuring your PC is free from infections. Java® in particular is infamous for the amount of security bugs that are discovered every week, luckily these are usually updated quickly, but can your staff be trusted to install the updates? Should they even have to?


Want to monitor and regulate which websites your staff can get on? Stop them accessing the dark side of the internet or prevent them from getting on social media when they should be working? Talk to us about what you want and we’ll set it up remotely for you. On top of the control this gives you (and probably more importantly) we are also able to intelligently block any sites that we think are malicious, phishing sites, spam URLs, proxy’s or fraudulent copies of genuine sites to make sure that you are all completely safe.


A fully featured anti-virus program with zero hassle, you and your staff will barley even know it’s there. Our system can silently run scans and perform all of the remedial actions without the user of the PC ever being distracted from their work. We can see all of the results and will advise you if we see any trends, of course and any and all infections that are found will be removed automatically. You or your staff will never need to check the program, “quarantine” a virus, or update your security signatures ever again.


The last add-on is of course, Backup. Our system can manage which files and folders need to be saved and can schedule this whenever needed. Deleted a document? Our system has file level recovery as well as volume and application level plus support for all types of virtual machine. Uploads and downloads can also be “throttled” to make sure your staff can still use the internet if your connection is on the slow side. We can also archive one backup of a machine per month for as long as you need.

Each of the above features of our Managed Services can be included in any new or existing Business Support contract. These are designed to be add-ons and can be activated and deactivated as and when you need.