PCs Made Simple offer to take all of the hard work out of running a server by becoming responsible for every aspect of it. From setting it up in the beginning to disaster recovery if anything goes wrong, we’ll be here.

main features of Server Support:


Much like the “Monitoring & Maintenance” for supported workstations, we offer a similar service for your server’s upkeep. Our sophisticated tools ensure we are on top of the multitude of things that are required to be maintained for the smooth running of you server, such as…

• Making sure Windows services have started and remain running without fault.
• Ensuring that all vulnerabilities have been patched as soon as possible.
• Checking that backups have completed successfully when they are scheduled to.
• Constantly testing all hard drives to make sure none are about to imminently fail.
• We are also notified immediately whenever a critical event is logged.

The collection of these and a few other checks mean that we can always be on top of what’s going on with your company’s IT. Leaving you with less things to worry about and more time to grow and expand your business. The advisories we can give you also mean that we can plan for the imminent failure of certain components well in advance, reducing or even eliminating down-time completely.


Our monitoring tools will allow us to calculate the overall usage of your server’s resources. This means that when the time comes, we can recommend certain upgrades and improvements as and when they are needed. We are also very careful to make sure that any server we provide you will have a reasonable amount of upgradability for the future so you won’t end up with a bit of kit that has to be completely replaced later on.


PCs Made Simple can also completely manage the server for you. From the very beginning to years down the line we’ll be here at your command, ready to configure things like active directory, CAL licenses and backups whenever you need us to. Recruiting new employees who’ll need their own login? Just give us a days notice and we’ll make sure that everything is in order for them to start work on their first day on then job.


As part of our Business Support package we will also put together a plan for the worst case scenario – a complete system failure. If this ever happens, we will work as hard as we can to return all systems to 100% functionality and will restore any and all missing data from both local onsite and offsite backups. We will also be able to research into why the “disaster” actually occurred so we can prevent in occurring again in the future.