Intel® Next Unit of Computing

(or “Nuc”, pronounced as “Nook”)

                                 FROM £475




Sometimes a desktop PC is just too big for certain applications, that’s why Intel® has stepped forward and introduced the NUC, a 4” by 4” package that manages to squeeze in an entire computers worth of components into an impressively small space. These are perfect for when you need a PC completely hidden from view.



You don’t have to sacrifice any performance with the newest NUCs as they are all available with the latest 6th Generation Intel® Processors with a huge variety of features from 2.5” drive support for when lots of storage is needed to impressively beefy graphics for photo and video editing workstations. Their absurdly small size also makes them fascinatingly portable. Although there are a few cables that would need to be plugged in, there is no reason why you couldn’t carry a NUC around with you anywhere you go, then whenever you need a PC you can just plug it in and off you go. All of your favourite files, programs and accounts tucked safely away in your bag.

Conference Rooms

Their compactness means they can be easily hidden away wherever you need them to. A popular usage is in conference rooms, in this scenario the NUC can be screwed either into the wall or completely kept out of sign behind a large TV or display. Then whenever the room is used for presentations, all the group leader has to do is plug in a memory stick and load up their PowerPoint® presentations, videos, photos, websites, or anything else!

Retail Kiosks

If you have a need for a retail kiosk but don’t want to go mad with a fully fledged POS system, you could opt to tuck a NUC away somewhere discrete rather than have to conceal an entire computer tower. The NUC will more that easily power through whatever software it is that you and your business use to keep track of your sales and a touchscreen monitor could also be supplied to remove the need for a keyboard and mouse there too.

Space-restricted Schools

We have implemented a few IT Suites at both schools and charities and we think that NUCs are perfect for when space is just a little bit too tight. They can all be hidden away behind monitors leaving a completely minimal, very clean looking suite of computers. We can even provide professional editions of Windows on our NUCs to allow them to join domains for the extra control you’ll need when maintaining a public or school IT suite.


As you can see bellow, these really are comparable to a full size desktop PC.

6th Gen Pentium, i3, i5 or i7
Up to 32GB of 2133Mhz DDR4 or Up to 16GB of 1600Mhz DDR3
Intel Iris Graphics and Intel Iris Pro with
HDMI, DisplayPort, MiniHDMI or MiniDisplayPort available
Up to 4 x USB3.0 ports
M.2 SSD Support
7.1 Surroundsound
Infrared Sensor
Bluetooth 4.1
Gigabit Ethernet
VESA Mount

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