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Need a computer for more than just day-to-day business tasks? The custom 4Biz is for when you need a workstation for that’s a little bit more. PCs Made Simple can design and build PCs that are tailored for use with certain CAD software, Adobe® Creative Cloud® products or any other niche applications.

Off-the-shelf computers will often be harder or even impossible to upgrade, manufactured cheaply from poorer quality components and will have a life expectancy of around half that of a custom built PC. That’s why all of our computers are built right here in the shop by one of our trained experts using select components and adhering to all ESD and safety precautions. This leaves us with a machine that we are happy to guarantee for 5 years, because it’s extremely unlikely that something will go wrong in that time.

Need multiple systems? If they are all going to be the same, feel free to use the form bellow and let us know how many you require – if you need a number of different PCs, please use our Contact Page to send us a message and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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