A server is a necessity once your business reaches a certain amount of success. There comes a point when you simply cannot justify a team of people working without any form of unified backup, shared folder access, network security and features such as hot desking and commercial-grade firewalls are almost as essential in order to maintain the smooth and productive running of your company.

We have partnerships with HP®, Lenovo® (via TTG ) and Fujitsu® and are authorized to resell and install their servers.


The fact that we team up with multiple vendors should further prove to you that we will only ever supply you with something that is perfect.

There’s no such thing as an “off-the-shelf” server as such a device would have to cater to so many requirements it would simply be too expensive. That’s why we will never sell you anything until we have had a chance to discuss your wants and needs so we can be sure what we are providing will be perfect now and in the future when you will hopefully be expanding further.

If you don’t have a server yet, your current network will most likely be set up with a peer to peer (or “p2p”) architecture. The difference is quite simple, with a p2p setup each workstation on the network is able to share its files and devices with the other computers in the network. There’s no central storage, security or authentication of users and there’s no disaster recovery for if something goes wrong with the PC that is hosting your company’s data. These are perfect for a home network or very small business that only needs to share a few folders or a printer, but for a larger business you will need a more reliable, scalable and secure solution. This is when you will need a dedicated server, also known as the “client/server” approach. Our servers can offer a number of features, here are a few of the most popular:


Servers can be configured to only allow authorised staff members into certain folders and files whilst blocking malicious connections from outside your network. They can also control ‘access’ (the read, write and view permissions) of your network resources by different computers, IP ranges (rooms/floors), and even by the time of day.


Having sophisticated security at the server level will (among other things) prevent malicious software moving through your building infecting anything that doesn’t have an up to date anti-virus. This means you can connect any devices, even customer laptops and phones, without any security concerns or risks to either party.


Because we can create beautifully complex folder structures with different permissions for all users that range from “read and write” to “read” to hidden resources, we can organise your operations in a way that everyone will understand and be able to use them easily, efficiently and productively to earn you more money!


As mentioned, the move away from a peer-to-peer network means the access of folders and networked devices isn’t reliant on the machine they are plugged into as they will be attached to a far more reliable, always-on server that isn’t going to run into problems with hangs, crashes, security issues like an everyday PC does.


Having all of your company files in one shared location is the easiest and most efficient way to back up your business. All of your files can be configured to be saved to either local storage or to an off-site location where it can be retrieved again if anything happens to the originals, ideally both for extra security and speed of recovery.


This is an advanced feature that allows your user profile to be logged into from any PC. This is excellent for if you have to accommodate a mix of temporary and permanent staff, mobile workers and freelancers, within a busy office without needing the physical space for a desk each. They can even use their own laptop!


The latest versions of Microsoft® Exchange (which allow your server to host your email and calendars) include a very good anti-spam system. If you do not have exchange there are a number of other ways that we can decrease the amount of unsolicited emails you and your staff receive. For more, talk to one of the team.


Much like our spam filtering services we have a number of different techniques for restricting your employee’s access to the web. The way that works for your company will depend largely on your network and the systems that you already have. These methods can also intelligently block explicit, malicious and adult content too.


Our servers are always fully tested before we hand them over or install them in your office/workplace. This completely removes the possibility of receiving DOA equipment, something which does unfortunately happen with delicate electrostatic-sensitive IT systems which can waste a lot of time to get returned and replaced.


Most servers will come with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer. Warranty periods are something we will always consider so if you would prefer one (or would like to pay a little bit extra for) one to be guaranteed for a few more years, that’s not a problem. We would suggest a minimum of a 3 year guarantee.