A stable, secure, and fast network should be at the heart of every business. Having up to date connectivity breeds productivity in the work place, it eliminates wasted time, and it makes using your I.T. less of a mundane task.

From basic cabling, network planning and WiFi solutions, to managed and stackable switches, remote desktop and VPNs, we can help supply and configure it all. Over the years we have designed and planned many networks with great success in improving productivity and speed.


We are fully qualified to design and implement the installation of a cabled or wireless networks for a businesses of any size. We can include any mixture of ports and access points wherever they will be needed and we can provide estimates free of charge. During our design phase we will evaluate your current network with you and discuss what it is you have and whether or not it can be improved.

There’s nothing wrong with needing connectivity installed on a budget, however we will never go ahead with a plan that we know will not meet your needs/requirements for now and in the future. During our planning it is also very useful if you can provide us with a scale floor plan of your building. Give our team a call today or use the form you can find on our Contact Page to see what we can do for your business.


As soon as all the admin has been taken care of and a network design has been agreed we can arrange to start the renovations at a time that suits you. Although we will absolutely work around your staff it is more than likely that at least a few of them will temporarily lose access to the internet and other shared resources whilst we are removing your old network. This is why it is of course preferable to be able to close your office for the few days we’ll be working there.

We are very conscious of the fact that work like this can be a major disruption which is why anyone who comes to visit your business on behalf of PCs Made Simple will always adhere to the highest standards possible. We will ensure that we leave all areas tidy and clean and will make sure that the finished job looks professional and neat.


Deciding whether or not to go for a wireless or cabled approach will depend largely on your users and the type of things they do. Cables allow for much higher transfer speeds, less latency and less frequent issues, whereas a wireless access point will often be slower but can connect several devices to your network for a very low cost. The best solution is generally a mixture of the two with faster cables for the most important, busiest people and an access point (or several) for guests and other staff. We will ensure that we find you the perfect balance between performance, features and cost when quoting for upgrades.


It may be that your existing network is more than adequate and only needs a few modifications and additions to push it to perfection. When this is the case we can fully integrate all new devices and cables with any previous equipment and ensure that everything in your setup is working.


As a Platinum Plus Netgear® Partner we are also able to offer you a wireless survey. During this a Netgear engineer will come to you and evaluate your entire building and plan the best way to install and configure access points to provide “blanket WiFi” to the entire area. This is a completely free service to you provided by Netgear. After the visit we can discuss any potential issues with the engineer and yourself and can then provide a quote for the job.


PCs Made Simple have experience in setting up and maintaining public networks for businesses who’s customers also need access to the internet. There are a number of ways to do this and not all are appropriate for every business. The best solution is usually one that involves a server with excellent security in place. We can also install filters to prevent access to certain websites for networks in schools, churches, or just about anywhere you want staff to focus!