These services are about upgrading your existing hardware to make sure your IT is not a bottleneck and is allowing your staff to work quickly and productively. There are 4 main ways we can bring life back to older machine.

Or take a look at our 4Biz and Custom Workstations for the latest innovations in power, efficiency and features.


Every computer has a component called a hard drive that stores your files, folders and other data. Unfortunately these only last a few years before slowing down and eventually failing, we can however replace them with a modern day alternative, the “SSD”.

These are similar to, but operate at over 40 times the speed of, a hard drive. The also have a much longer life expectancy. We can of course supply and fit extra hard drives too, should your staff need extra storage.

Our team will clone your existing data, meaning the only difference your staff will notice after the upgrade is a huge reduction is start up time and a massive increase in performance.


Memory Upgrades

Your computer’s memory (also known as RAM) is what your processor uses to temporarily cache your open files, applications and even the Windows operating itself. If you don’t have enough for the programs you are running you will run into issues with slowness, crashes and BSODs.

There are of course many different speeds and ratings of RAM too, an upgrade to a faster speed will increase performance where availability is not an issue, but your motherboard must support it.

Our team can usually upgrade your computer’s memory in under a few minutes, a simple addition but one which will allow your staff to push the PC much further with less drops in speed and higher stability.


Adobe CC® (Photoshop, inDesign etc.) and other CAD and rendering programs are often very resource intensive tasks which require an above averagely powerful graphics processor to crunch data quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, due to ever changing technology and other compatibility issues we will usually need to see your PC before we can provide you upgrade options and prices.

Have a chat with our team about your current work load and let us see your computer and we’ll be able to recommend the perfect card to suit your budget and required level of performance.



It’s all very well having a high-end PC, but if it’s full of adware, junk and PUPs then the speed and responsiveness will plummet.

Unfortunately, not all members of staff can be trusted to maintain a PC, which is why we offer a simple tune up service to fix any and all problems our experts discover with the computer, for a flat fee of just £82.50+VAT.

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