Hundreds of thousands of malicious programs are created every day for most devices imaginable. Luckily there are trusted anti-virus programs that will have your back even against the most crippling of cryptolockers.


The best anti-virus program is (and has been for the last many years), Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Emsisoft is a relatively small company but their dual engine scanner is still one of the most powerful at combating new and existing threats on the internet. The program also has a fantastically easy to understand interface and isn’t over cluttered like some others!

As an Emsisoft Authorised Reseller we can supply large volumes of license keys to businesses of all sizes and can also help with installing the program – usually remotely! Prices are around £27 per license (affected by an exchange rate), per year but discounts can of course be made for large orders.

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The best way to secure your business is by having a powerful server with a decent, up to date anti-virus monitoring and protecting your network. This is usually the most efficient way to prevent infections as it means that the malicious software will be stifled before it even reaches your computer. Server protection can also prevent malware spreading from one PC to other unprotected ones on the network.

It’s still worth remembering that server protection will only secure your network and not individual PCs, if you were to plug in a memory stick with a dodgy .doc and didn’t have an anti-virus installed, the server would be useless except for preventing it spreading. For some scenarios (such as a windows domain with hot desking), server protection may be more than enough as your user profile will be hosted on the server and not the PC.


20% of the population of the world own a computer, 22% of the population of the world own a smartphone. If you were going to write viruses, what platform would you create them for? The answer: either, which is why you should have adequate protection on both.

FOR ANDROID: Emsisoft (our recommended protection for PCs) also offers mobile protection via an app on the Google Play store. It is currently priced at £7.45 for a 1 year license but should be seen as a necessary cost for the amazing security and peace of mind it will provide for your smartphone.

FOR APPLE: Unfortunately Emsisoft and other anti-virus apps are not available on Apple devices, despite them all still being very vulnerable to mobile infections! However, the Apple ecosystem is far more closed off (the app store is more regulated than on Android) and so it is unlikely you will encounter malicious programs.

ransomware PREVENTION

Ransomware is a rather new threat, the infection encrypts your personal folders and attempts to extort money for their safe return. These programs are spread primarily through email attachments and are targeted at businesses.

There are 3 main ways we can protect your PCs. As part of our Managed Services add-on for our Business Support, we can offer a managed anti-virus, spam filtering and cloud backup for each and every PC. These programs run silently in the background and do not require any input from your users. But with them configured, a ransomware infection is practically impossible.

If you’re unsure of how safe your computers and devices are or you need to renew your protection, talk to our team today.