Virtualization makes it possible to run multiple operating systems or applications on the same server or computer at the same time that are often accessible by multiple users simultaneously. It’s transforming the I.T. landscape and fundamentally changing the way that businesses utilize technology.

Virtualizing your employees’ workstations can provide a number of benefits…

Reduce Capital

As less powerful computers are required, due to the fact that the server will be performing all the heavy work, you can easily expect the costs to be lowered for a full suite of computers.

High Availability

As your staff will be logging on to a virtual environment they will never be without their files. If something happens to their PC, they can simply sign into another one with their login details – this can even work on laptops!

Minimized Downtime

If they do need to log onto a new PC, the server will spend a few moments communicating with that computer after which the user will be presented with their fully-functioning desktop along with all their files.

Business Continuity

These virtual servers make it incredible easy to unify your businesses IT. Now you can easily modify settings and group policies for all users, provide applications to all staff and even amend everyones wallpaper!

Disaster Recovery

The server that’s in charge of all of your virtual machines will be capable of taking a complete backup as often as once a minute. This makes it next to impossible for anyone to actually lose anything!

Simple File & Folder Sharing

Setting up shared folders that are accessible only by certain people is another very popular and productive feature that could can make your staff an unbelievable amount more efficient.

PCs Made Simple can help you to create and configure a Virtual Machine for practically any purpose. If you think your business could benefit from some of the virtualization technologies mentioned here then get in touch today.