If you haven’t heard of us, at PCs Made Simple we fix all makes and models of laptop, PC, gadget, mobile phone and tablet. We also offer a number of support packages that all include remote support, so if you’re ever in a pickle we can connect to your PC and sort everything out within a few minutes. Our shop also has a large range of second hand parts and access to hundreds of thousands of products that can be delivered to us the next day. Then there’s our legendary custom built PCs, all assembled here in the shop with a 3 year guarantee!

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You probably won’t want to be without your device for long so there’s no shame in being in a hurry for it back. That’s why we aim to aim to complete all services within 72 hours. We’ll always be upfront and clear about the time it will take us to repair a device and we will keep you up to date if there are any delays.


All of our repairs and services will be covered by our standard 1 Year Guarantee (or 6 months when second hand parts are used), our new custom built @Home, 4Biz and &Play PCs come with a huge 3 Year Warranty and anything else we might sell you has a common 14-Day returns policy. Click here to read more.


Our team like to keep things as simple as we can. That’s why we’ll never talk to you in words that you won’t understand and we will try to explain everything as clearly as possible so you can make your own informed decisions. We’re also more than happy to get really technical if you feel like learning something new!


Occasionally we won’t be able to source a part or sometimes it just won’t be economical to repair a PC once it gets more than a few years old. In these occasions we will provide you with a £50 voucher off any new custom built @Home, 4Biz or &Play PC from our shop or website to help get you up and running again.


Before we hand your device back we’ll run a number of checks on your system to ensure that it is safe to use such as ensuring you have an anti-virus. We also have a number of security measures in place to prevent infections traversing our network and we have a rigorous data backup system in place.


All of our PCs are built right here in the shop by either Clifford, Dave or another member of the team with pride and to a far higher standard than mass produced computers. We will only ever use component manufacturers and parts that we have come to trust in the last 10 years which are also fully tested before we hand it over.

We have a plethora of competitively priced services tailored for Notebooks, Laptops and PCs. We also never charge for investigating and diagnosing, we won’t charge you if the issue can’t be fixed, and we will always be upfront.

Don’t feel as though these are the only things we do, if you’ve got a problem and you’d like some assistance, just get in touch.


Our advice and expert knowledge will always be given for free. We never charge for telling you something or for diagnosing a computer that you let us look at. We’ll only ever take money from you once it is working again and we’ll always be open and honest about how much we’re going to ask for before we do anything.

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Virus Cleans – £85

The signs and symptoms of an infected PC are usually obvious: slow, pop ups, and even being locked out of your computer completely. Infections can not only be a nuisance, they can be a disaster depending on their severity. Ever small ones that seem to be benign could in fact be harvesting key strokes and spying.

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Tune Ups – £99

Over time, your computer builds up clutter, issues and unwanted programs. Everyone knows this but very few will do anything about it until one day the computer is unusable. PCs are like any other machine, they need love and care. We recommend that once a year you let us give your PC a little cuddle to help it on its way.

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Simple Fixes – from £10

Got a problem we can fix quickly? Email need setting up? Keys stuck? Problems with Office? Other program not working as it should? Issues with the internet? Pretty much anything you can think of that we can fix in around half an hour fits into this category. So don’t be afraid of being charged silly amounts for bringing in your PC.

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Memory Upgrades – from £30

If you have anything less than around 2GB of ram in your computer then it is quite likely that you will suffer from increased paging activity which causes your hard drive to need to work more which then becomes a bottleneck, slowing down everything that you’re trying to do. Luckily it’s quite easy to upgrade and fix this problem.

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SSD Upgrades – from £125

Swapping your hard drive for a solid state drive is one of the best  ways to give your PC a new lease of life. It can also be an excellent alternative to buying a new computer as it will often perk up an old PC to an acceptable performance level for many more years. Our team can clone Windows, your programs and your data too!

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Data Recovery – £50

Hard drives fail. And when they do, the loss of those beloved pictures or your vast music collection can be devastating. Luckily in most situations we can recover the data off of either an internal drive or a portable one. However, memory sticks, SSDs, and other flash storage devices can’t be due to the way they work.

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Windows Reload – £99

Sometimes as a result of infections, a poorly hard drive, or one of the other hundreds of reasons that computers can break, your installation of Windows can become so corrupt that even we can’t repair it. You may even just want a clean slate after a series of confidence crippling issues have caused you to loose trust.

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Windows Upgrades – from £55

The latest update in the long history of Microsoft operating systems. This one brings with it loads of cool new features, a heap of performance tweaks and some well received UI changes. We found that quite a few people were having issues with upgrading so we’ve created a service that takes the hassle out of your hands.

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New Laptop Screens – from £95

Is your laptop screen smashed? Or is it just not producing a display anymore? We can diagnose and fit you a brand new one, often while you wait (older and rarer screens may need to be ordered in). All screen replacements come with a 1 Year Warranty and we will only ever replace your screen with the highest quality alternative.

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New Laptop Parts – £POA

Here at PCs Made Simple, we can source and replace parts for basically any of your devices. Un-suprisingly, the prices we will charge depend entirely on the part that we have to buy in for you. If you would like a quote, follow the link on the next page. There are also prices for some of the most common parts we can replace.

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Got a misbehaving, smashed, water damaged, broken or faulty phone or tablet? We’ve partnered with Bitxnfix in Poole to be able to offer a number of mobile related services at amazing prices and with none of the nonsense. Most repairs can be completed within 3 to 5 days and the majority are guarantee’d for a year!

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Apple Repairs – £POA

Anything from infections to it simply running slowly and needing a cuddle can be done right here in the shop, and at brilliantly competitive prices. We can also upgrade the memory and hard drives in most Macs and can repair or replace most other parts too.

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Can’t see what you’re looking for?
Give us a call on 01202 830121

Custom built computers have a number of benefits over “off-the-shelf” PCs. Simply because we are able to hand select every part that goes into them means that we can choose components from manufacturers whose products we have come to know and trust. This makes a noticeable difference when compared to some of the frankly disturbing shortcuts and money saving tactics we see inside some “bargain” PCs!

Every PC we build is also rigorously tested using trusted benchmarking and stress testing tools which will push the computer to its limit to ensure that it’s working exactly as it should, and if that still doesn’t assure you that you are getting a quality PC…

We give a THREE YEAR WARRANTY with each one! 


The @Home PC is a computer that we build right here in our shop. You chose the case, we choose the parts that we put in them. We constantly upgrade the components we pick to ensure you’re getting the latest and most reliable PC for the best price possible.

Prices start from £549.



Need something to edit photos or videos? Perhaps you’ve got a large music library and need several terrabytes of storage? The spec of the @Home’s will be excellent for 90% of home applications as it has been designed to be everything a home computer should be, but for some purposes you’re going to need something a little different.

All have you have to do is fill out our simple form and let us know exactly what it is you want. One of our experts will then design you the perfect PC and send you over a quote. We can even give you a call if you’d prefer to talk about what options we have.



We have a small range of Second Hand PCs.


All our second hands are completely reconditioned, normally with new components. Generally they will have a new case, motherboard and hard drive; which if you’re paying attention is most of a PC.

Unfortunately as these PCs are not brought into this world with quite as much love as our custom computers, we cannot offer our usual three year warranty. Most of them will have at least a year, some of the higher spec ones will have up to two.

NEW Laptops

So many to choose from, which one is right?


Let us narrow it down!
We’ve compiled some of the best laptops available in one place for you to peruse.

All of these are the latest models of the brands that we have come to trust over the last nine years.

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Let us choose for you!
If you’re still not sure we can also have a look at our distributors and find one that is perfect.

Just click the button bellow and fill in a few details for us, we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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Intel® NUCs

The “Next Unit of Computing”, available here.


Struggling for space? The Intel NUC crams the power and performance of an entire desktop PC into a form factor just 4 inches square with VESA mounts for the back of your screen.

Available with up to an Intel i5 (6th Gen) processor, up to 32GB DDR4 RAM and Intel Iris Pro Graphics.

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Home Installs

Need one of the team to help set up your new PC?

There are several things you’ll need to do after purchasing a new computer, these range from the simple “connect to the internet” routine to the more complex configuration of printers and emails accounts.

If you don’t feel confident enough to run through these yourself, our team will offers to spend up to an hour in your home ensuring everything is ready to go for a small charge of £99 for any PC.

We’ll also be more than happy to explain things you don’t understand and run through anything else you might not be sure of.

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As a Microsoft® Partner, we are able to supply, install and configure Office 365™ and Windows® on PCs, Laptops and Tablets. We are also re-sellers of the award winning anti-virus Emsisoft Anti-Malware and supply a range of online backup solutions.


Includes fully installable Office apps plus a few extras.

Just £5.99 a month.

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A one-time cost for your favourite Office apps.

From only £119.99.

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The ultimate protection for your PC.

Now free for 30 days!

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The worlds most popular OS.

Starting from just £99.

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Do you often get stuck or in need of pointing in the right direction? You need one of PCs Made Simple’s legendary support plans! Once you’re a member of either our Simple Support or our Total Protection Plan, anytime you get stuck you can just give us a call and we’ll be remotely connected to your computer within seconds.


Simple Support Club

just £9.95 a month

Remote Support

Phone and Email Support

10% Discount on Services and Repairs

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Total Protection Plan

only £19.95 per month

Remote Support

Phone and Email Support

Free Annual Servicing

Managed Anti-Malware Protection

Daily Security and Performance Checks

10% Discount on Services

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