Smashing a screen is always a terrible experience, so let us make finding and fitting a replacement simple for you.

Seeing any of your devices with a smashed screen is one of the most horrible moments of modern day life. Worse still is when you are there to witness it breaking but can do nothing to prevent it! Luckily we offer a quick and easy laptop screen replacement service where we will first test a number of things to be sure that it is definitely the display that is the issue, obviously if it is smashed then it probably is but if it has just gone black then there could be something else going on.

We can then replace your screen with one of the several different types and sizes that we keep in stock, all in about half an hour.

All of our replacement laptop screens come with a 1 year warranty

The prices below are for standard LED backlit displays. Older LCD screens with an inverter can of course be replaced but we will have to see how much they cost us first before we can give you a price. You can use the form bellow to ask us how much it will be.





Quote Form

Fill in a few details for us and we’ll work out what size screen you have and then provide you with a price to have it replaced with a HQ (usually genuine) alternative. We will usually respond within a few hours during our normal opening times.

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Or you could bring it in and let us take a look for free

Interested in a new screen?

If you’re interested in this service, just give us a call or come and see us in the shop with your computer where we can take a look at it and have a bit more of a chat about what it is we will do. Or if you’ve just got a question, take a look at our contact page and fill in the form to send us a message. We’ll try and get back to you today with an answer!

PrePay for this Service

You can purchase this service through our online shop and then drop your computer in to us whenever you can. We’ll crack on with the job and give you a call when it’s ready for you to pick up, simple!

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