Give your laptop or PC a new lease of life with an SSD Upgrade!

If your laptop is over 3 years old then it’s quite likely that your hard drive is starting to fail anyway. So why not take the opportunity to take it to the next level and replace it with something that is around 40 times faster than a standard drive. This means that your computer will turn on in seconds and on clean systems it will load before the Windows 7 boot animation can even finish!

What about my stuff?

As part of our service we will copy over all of your operating system, programs, and files; meaning the only thing you will actually notice is that it will be lightning fast! It really is quite an uncanny experience to see a completely infected and corrupted PC booting to the desktop in just a few seconds. Of course an SSD is no alternative to a clean computer, this is just a rather impressive example of the performance gains you will get with an SSD.

AND my old drive?

We could also, assuming it is in good condition, reformat your original hard drive and put it back in so you can use it to store data on. This is however entirely limited by your computers insides.

Confused about just what an SSD is?

We wrote an extensive article about all of the components inside a computer that you can take a look at here.


If you’re interested in this service, just give us a call or come and see us in the shop with your computer where we can take a look at it and have a bit more of a chat about what it is we will do. Or if you’ve just got a question, take a look at our contact page and fill in the form to send us a message. We’ll try and get back to you today with an answer!


You can purchase this service through our online shop and then drop your computer in to us whenever you can. We’ll crack on with the job and give you a call when it’s ready for you to pick up, simple!

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