Want to completely start again? Refresh it back to when you first bought it? That’s what a Windows Reload is for!

With this service we’ll first take a full backup of all of your files and then clear everything off of your computer. All of your data, programs and operating system will be completely erased ready for us to reload your version of Windows. We’ll then:

Set it up with all of your details/accounts

Install all the runtimes that are required

Set up some basic anti-virus

Install any needed drivers

Fully update Windows

Transfer your data back to the device

and install any programs you ask us to


If you are using any operating system before Windows 7 (XP, Vista…) we will require the license key from the sticker that can be found on your device somewhere. Unfortunately these tend to wear out when they are stuck on the bottom of laptops which renders the license key unreadable. If this is the case you will likely have to purchase a new copy of Windows. Operating systems after Windows 7 (8.1 and 10) store this key on your PC so we don’t have to know it.


The same goes for software that you have paid for such as Microsoft Office. We will need the license keys for any software that you have purchased that you would like us to reinstall for you.

If it wasn’t clear this service will not affect any of your photos, videos, music, documents or any of your other files. The first thing we do is take a complete backup and one of the last things we will do is copy it all back.

INTERESTED IN A windows reload?

If you’re interested in this service, just give us a call or come and see us in the shop with your computer where we can take a look at it and have a bit more of a chat about what it is we will do. Or if you’ve just got a question, take a look at our contact page and fill in the form to send us a message. We’ll try and get back to you today with an answer!


You can purchase this service through our online shop and then drop your computer in to us whenever you can. We’ll crack on with the job and give you a call when it’s ready for you to pick up, simple!

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