Windows XP® Support has ended and Windows Vista® is heading toward the same fate in April 2017.

This means that Microsoft will no longer be issuing updates, patches and giving support for these products and anyone still using them is likely to be running a machine with multiple security exploits and bugs that haven’t been fixed. Not a particularly good idea!

We can load Windows onto your PC or Laptop, ensure that all drivers are installed and set you up with a basic suite of programs among several other tweaks. Take a read of our Windows Reload service page for more details.

Windows 7® Professional is the only version available on new PCs and laptops and only until the 31st October 2016. Retail licenses (for you to install yourself) for Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate are no longer manufactured.

Currently Available Microsoft® Opertaing Systems:


Simple, reliable, friendly.

A classic, everybody has seen and likely used a Windows 7 PC. It is currently used on more that 55% of computers and is one of the most straight forward and easy to use operating systems available.


Secure, touch support, apps.

The initial release of Windows 8 was met by an incredible amount of uproar as a lot of users complained at some of the changes. However most of the issues were fixed with the free 8.1 update.


New, faster, better than ever.

The latest operating system from Microsoft is here and they seem to have done quite well this time! Imagine the best features from the previous few OS’s combined with some really cool new additions.

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