Printer not working? Trouble installing programs? Can’t get emails to work? Issue with Microsoft® Office?

On demand support means a vast resource of knowledge is at your finger tips, whenever you need it and whenever you want it. As long as it’s within our normal opening times, we can remotely access your computer, talk on the phone and chat with you over email.

Together we can then work out what the problem is, and resolve it… Simple!

How Will We Help?

If you stumble into any problems and you need some help just get in touch any time during the week, Monday to Saturday, 09:30 until 17:30. We can help you on the phone where we can talk you through the issue and try to help you as best as we can there and then. If we struggle to sort it on the phone then we will remotely access your computer using a nifty piece of software and have a go ourselves. You could also come and see us in the shop too, just bring yourself and the misbehaving PC and we’ll have a crack at it right there and then.

support, but simple.

Any time you get stuck, we’ll be here. Bigger issues might require you to pop in and see us, but not to worry! You’ll also get 10% off all repairs, annual servicing, virus cleans and home visits if you can’t come in to the shop. Just for being part of the club!

What We CAN’T Help With

We cannot provide remote virus cleaning, data recovery, tune ups or internet issues with this service. For these the 10 percent discount will be taken off your bill but you will have to bring you PC in to us. This service is also provided with a fair use policy, if we think that you are over using our service then we may suggest that you upgrade to a Total Protection Plan.

More than One PC?

You can choose how many PC’s you want support for on the sign up page. Prices are simply £3.95 per computer which lets us remotely access each and every one.

Need MORE?

Looking for more than just remote support? Have a look at our Total Protection Plan which includes professional award winning anti-virus, unlimited backup, yearly services and much more.

Simple Support Club + Netgenie

Want us to remotely manage your NetGenie router? Just pretend it’s an extra computer and sign up for the number of PC’s you have + 1 on the next page. So if you have a a PC, a Laptop and a NetGenie you need to sign up for 3 to get support for all of them. Or you can just sign up for the one and get just your router managed, but we won’t be able to remotely connect to any of your devices to give you help.

What Happens When You Sign Up?

First we’ll ask you for a few details for our records, you’ll then be redirected to where you will set up your recurring monthly payment (don’t worry, you can cancel any time). Once all that’s out of the way, we’ll start setting things up on our end. You’ll receive an email within 24 hours with a small program in it that allows us to remotely connect to your PC. And that’s it! If you ever need us, just give us a call.