The Total Protection Plan is designed to eliminate all of your worries. You’ll never need to think about viruses and malware, you’ll never need to fret about how safe your data is, and you’ll never have to worry about anything going wrong because we can be remotely connected to your computer in seconds.

instant Remote Support

The Total Protection Plan includes a subscription to our amazing Remote Support. We’ll install a little program when we set your computer up that will allow us to remotely connect to you whenever you need us. Having a little problem? Just give us a call and we can take control of your keyboard and mouse to help sort it out. And don’t worry, only PCs Made Simple staff will be able to connect to your computer and it will be very clear on your screen when someone does. We’ll also never remote into your PC without your consent.

Phone and Email

We’re also available on the phone and via email if you just have a quick question. Get in touch any time during the week, Monday to Saturday, 09:30 until 17:30 and we can talk with you about whatever it is that you need support with.

Professional Anti-Virus

The Total Protection plan also includes an annual subscription to Emsisoft’s award-winning Anti-Malware for free. This is, in ours and many others opinion, the best anti-virus program that money can buy. Also included is ‘potentially annoying program’ detection which gets rid of things like those pesky toolbars and other malicious programs that aren’t technically viruses. Emsisoft is one of the only scanners with a 100% detection rate and has one of the lowest RAM usages we’ve ever seen in an AV product.

Unlimited Cloud Backup

On top of that we’re including unlimited cloud backup, courtesy of our sister company SimplyBackup. You simply select which folders you don’t want to risk losing (Documents, Pictures, Movies etc.), SimplyBackup automatically checks when any files in there are modified and saves them to a remote location in case ever something happens to your computer. You can also then access any of these using your personalized SimplyBackup portal which can be accessed in any browser, anywhere.

Free Annual Servicing

This is a complete service that we perform on your PC once a year that you’re with us. This is the same as our Full Tune-Up which usually costs £99 but to Total Protection Plan members is completely free. During the service we’ll remotely take control of your computer and then:

Make sure all of your programs and Windows are fully up to date.

Make sure that your protection is as up to date as it can be to keep you as safe as possible.

Tidy up your system to make sure it is running as efficient as possible.

Remove all of the rubbish that builds up over time, this can usually get you back around 5GB of storage.

Fully check your computers to health to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Perform a deep virus and malware clean.

Run a complete bench test of components to further check them.

10% Off too!

You’ll also get 10% off of all our services, home visits and any labour costs. This really does have the potential to save you shed loads of money when a disaster occurs with your PC!

Just want support?

Why not join our Simple Support Club and just get remote, phone and email support without the bells and whistles for just £3.95 a month. You’ll get a 10% discount card for our services too!

What Happens When You Sign Up?

First we’ll ask you for a few details for our records, you’ll then be redirected to where you will set up your recurring monthly payment (don’t worry, you can cancel any time). Once all that’s out of the way, we’ll start setting things up on our end. You’ll receive an email within 24 hours with a small program in it that allows us to remotely connect to your PC. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, we’ll connect up to you and install your Anti-Virus and Backup. And that’s it! If you ever need us, just give us a call.

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