“This is a smart wireless router that protects families, children and devices from internet risks. It blocks harmful content for all family members and offers peace of mind to parents jittery about their children’s internet safety.”


It works alongside your router, intelligently blocking malicious sites and implementing totally customizable parental controls to each family member.

You do your best to keep your kids safe in the real world so why should you be any less protective of their online safety? I’m sure you would all like you children to spend less time on the internet, which is easy to say, but almost impossible to enforce. Until now! With NetGenie you can easily set up how long they can spend on Social Media and Online games whilst still allowing them access to educational sites for homework.

age-wise parental controls

This router is capable of blocking harmful internet content intelligently for different family members. Each member has their own profile which is assigned to all of their devices such as laptops, phones, consoles etc. This then lets you manage what sites they can get on very easily with the in built white and black lists for different age groups. You can even block categories of websites from their list of over 70 different types, or add custom URLs is you wish.

Protection From Bots & Hackers

Protect all of your devices from everything nasty on the web. The built in firewall and the Intrusion Detection System block access from anyone trying to access your network maliciously. This also stops the spreading of malicious software over your network, if for example you had someone come and stay you can feel safe in the knowledge that any infections that are on their device will not spread to anyone else’s.

Excellent Wireless Range

This isn’t just a replacement for your current router, it’s a complete upgrade. Most of the time, the routers that your internet service provider will put in are cheap, and extremely mass produced. Good for them, bad for you. Experience a true Wi-Fi home and enjoy internet browsing from your laptops, smartphones, tablets and more. Play online games, enjoy HD video and high bandwidth downloads without ever dropping out.

time controlled access

You will also have complete control over how long each of your family members can access certain websites. Fed up of the kids being on Facebook until the early hours? Automatically disable access after 9pm! It’s as simple as that, and as long as you have a strong password there’s no way around the filtering either. The same control can also be extended to Netflix, Youtube, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network to name a few.


You can get one of these from us for just £99, this includes a 3 year subscription and after that it’s just £13.30 a year or £34.30 for three years. You can buy one from our online store and pick it up from our shop where we can also give you a demonstration or we can ship it to you.

set up for you

Don’t fancy messing around? We can come and set it up for you. We’ll pop round, take your old router out, plug the NetGenie in, set up your network, make sure you’re connected to the internet, set up all of your devices with their own profile and set up all the parental controls too. All for £99. We’ll also show you how it all works too. And if you don’t fancy doing anything after, by signing up to our Simple Support Club (just £3.95 a month) we will totally manage it for you, changing any of the setting when your children get older, setting up new profiles and anything else you might need, all remotely and instantly. Or if you’re on a Total Protection Plan we’ll do it all for free too!