We’ve decided that it would be a great bit of educational fun to run workshops to teach kids how to build their very own PCs. An evening of education and excitement for little’uns that are passionate about computers and all things technology. All of our events will be held at SafeWise Bournemouth and will be run by Clifford (with some helpers).

For directions to the safety centre, please click here.


If you have a child who is interested in computers, then this is an excellent opportunity. An evening full of insights into our field and general technical knowledge to give them a boost in their education and help them along with their school work. Plus they actually get to build a PC!


To come along, your child has to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Although we recommend 8 to 16 year olds, please don’t feel as though we’re ruling anyone outside of this bracket out. This is just a suggestion as we felt that anyone outside this would be either too young to keep up or too old and lose interest. However, we understand that every child is different and if you feel that they would appreciate the evening, will try their best and will be passionate about the event, please feel free to bring them along. You should also note that you will be responsible for making sure that they’re on their best behaviour!


These times are approximations only.
We expect the evening to finish around 7pm. 

4:30 to 5:00: Introductions and Safety
We’ll give a small talk at the beginning, just to introduce who we are and tell you a bit about ourselves. As well as talking about all of the relevant safety and static electricity precautions that need to take place.

5:00 to 5:45: Introduction to the Components
First, we’ll introduce the kids to the components that go in to make up a PC, teaching them about what they do and how to handle them when assembling a computer.

5:45 to 6:30: Building
Next up we’ll go through how to actually put the thing together. We’ll give you step by step instructions so that you and your child can build it along with us. 

6:30 to 6:30: Refreshments and Checking
Once we’ve got everyone’s PCs together we’ll have a short break where we will provide snacks and other refreshments whilst we go round and check everyone’s computers. You and the kids can then come back in and we’ll boot them into Ubuntu off a memory stick to see if they work.

6:30 to 7:00: Round Up
We’ve got just a couple more things we like to talk about at the end. We’ll also offer you the opportunity to buy the PCs for a small amount, however please don’t feel pressured to. The prices may vary on the night as it will depend on the quality of components that we use for that evening.

Clifford at the front


If you’re interested in coming along, click on the Book Now button and then Select a Date on the following page to view the currently organised events. If you can’t see a date there that suits, please click the other button to be notified when we announce more.

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The evening itself is free to attend with the opportunity to purchase the built PC at the end for £99, of which £50 will be donated to SafeWise and the remainder will be put towards organizing more events like these. If you haven’t heard of SafeWise before, please do take a look at their website and have a read about the fantastic work they do.